Philipp's strives to maintain our hollow metal products to meet the industry related testing requirements.

Underwriters Laboratory Inc.:

U/L's online certification directory provides listing information on our products. For additional information on our product listing please follow the links to, and look up under tools, "ONLINE CERTIFICATIONS DIRECTORY". Enter "philipp" under Company name. Your search results should provide a listing of Assembly No.'s and our specific product category, file number and link to our file.

Assembly No.'s, are specialized testing conducted by U/L, in which Philipp's has participated in and can provide. Specific construction, size and hardware requirements are listed.

Fire testing under UL10B & UL10C can be found in:

  • Fire Door and Window Frames - "GVTV. R3207"
  • Swinging-Type Fire Doors - "GSYX.R3780"
  • Swinging Type Fire Doors - Positive-Pressure Tested - GSZN.R3780"
  • Leakage-Rated Door Assemblies - "OPBW.R3780"

Physical Endurance Testing:

ANSI A250.4-2001 "Testing Procedure and Acceptable Criteria for Physical Endurance for Steel Doors, Frames, Frame Anchors and Hardware Reinforcings".

16 Ga. Steel Stiffened Door & 14 Ga. Frame - Passed 4,000,000 cycles, test stopped.

18 Ga. Honeycomb or Polystyrene Door, 16 Ga. Frame - Passed 1,000,000 cycles, test stopped.

Thermal Performance Testing:

ASTM C1363-2011, "Standard Test Method for the Thermal Performance of Building Materials and Envelope Assemblies by Means of a Hot Box Apparatus." Thermal Transmittance is listed as "U" factor.

Assembly test: Included thermal break frame:

Polyurethane Core Door - "U" = 0.39 Btu/hr.ft2.F

Polystyrene Core Door U = 0.42 Btu/hr.ft2.F

Sound Transmission Testing:

ASTM E90 - "Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements".

18 Ga. Honeycomb Core door, 16 Ga. Frame - STC 35, OITC 30.

16 Ga. Honeycomb Core door, 16 Ga. Frame - STC 36, OITC 32.


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